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Hey Everyone! Annie McGuinness here, owner of A Better Place Bar & Grill.


The impact of Coronavirus aka COVID-19 are tremendously difficult for the bar industry. Bars are meant for social gathering. It should be no surprise to you that prior to March 16th when the state of NY took our right to gather away that we were getting busier than ever ramping up to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. We understand the need and impact to social distance which is why we subsequently closed after selling thru our food products on hand on March 19th.


We have been out of business for over a month. Many of my staff have been unable to get thru to unemployment due to the tremendous impact our economic downfall has had on the unemployment databases and they are running out of money and could use some extra help.


I decided to create a virtual tip jar upon request of one of my staff and I am hoping that it will bring them the help they need!


Thanks for supporting the service industry! We can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best, providing Woodbury A Better Place to grab a beer and a bite! Thanks for your continued support! Cheers!





Venmo: @Diane-Parisi

Hey everyone, I’m Diane! I have been at A Better Place with Annie since this October 2019 as a bartender/server. I have been in the restaurant and food industry for over ten years now. As a server/ bartender I look forward to seeing my customers, serving them and watching them leave with a smile on their face.It’s something COVID 19 has taken away from all of us right now. I can’t wait until this is all over and I can go back to looking forward to seeing my regulars and connecting with new customers. Thank you so much, stay home and stay safe!❣️




Venmo: @DebrahDillon

Hey guys, name is Debi and I’ve been in the food/bev business for 17 years now. I take pride in mixing up original and delicious cocktails and I can’t wait to get back behind the bar where I belong. My last day of work was March 13th and I miss my customers and my staff making my smile every shift. Thank you for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you all after this very depressing time… Take care of yourself and your families… Much love and positive vibes.




Hi guys! I’ve been at ABP since Day 1. It has been such a privilege to work with Annie and serve you all amazing food. These are some real crazy times we are going through but with a little positivity and strength we will all get through this. It has been my pleasure to fill your bellies and I appreciate beyond words your support filling my families bellies. Thank you to everyone and I can’t wait to get back in the ABP kitchen. And thanks for all the kind words from everyone I’ve run in to at the post office and Jay’s!!




Greetings friends and family of A better place bar and grill! Cortney here, sending wishes of health and strength through these tough times. We truly miss you all and are praying for you.

During these times we are reaching out and asking for support. As the newest bartender, sadly I haven’t gotten to know everyone, but I hope to! I started working for ABP in January and it’s been amazing. I’m usually telling jokes or talking sports. I’m a single, white, female lol who loves her cats and Bartending ! If you can spare some love for us over these hard times, my pay pal can be reached at cortneyrenee27@gmail.com. I can’t wait to be back to the bar creating some drinks and sending only good vibes. Stay well xoxoxo, Cortney.




“Katie(#2) here! Some call me Slay. I’ve been at A Better Place with Annie and the team for a full year now. I’m a hospitality industry aficionado, with ABP and a couple other food/spirit positions around the Hudson Valley. With Covid19 and the current state of NY, not working and serving all of you has been a major disappointment for us. I cannot wait to get back to our “normal,” pouring and continuing to get to know my day time and trivia night friends. Thank you immensely. Stay healthy and safe 💜”




Hello patrons of A Better Place!!!!! Hope all are safe and healthy!!!!

Josh here, your regular Friday night bartender. I sure miss seeing everyone, and can’t wait to hear all the crazy weekly stories that I’m used too.

As you know with this terrible situation going on, we are all feeling it on different levels. I hope once this is all over we can really bond together, and be the helping hands we all need.

Thank you to everyone for your patronage to me for the last 2 years and to A Better Place for the last 4. Love you all!!!!!! Stay safe!!!!




I’m Sydney. You may know me from ABP, around town or maybe in a TV show or indie film! I’ve been a bartender at A Better Place for almost two years. I love working there, I like the staff, the patrons and my boss and miss all of those things too. Due to the state of the world currently, I am out of work at the bar, but also all of my creative pursuits in acting have been put on hold. I’m not sure when things will be ‘normal again’ (what does that even mean?) But I am hoping it’s soon so we can all get back to doing what we love. Wishing everyone well, thank you for your support.